Seek misidentified

I used iNat first and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was then told about the Seek app and I think the used of scavenger hunts and badges is great. However, the apps find different IDs for the same image. While I can delete, explore, and change IDs in iNat, I have not found how to do this in Seek. Any mis-ID I get in Seek I end up deleting because I do not want to mess up it’s building data base and algorithm, but I’m stuck on not being able to earn badges and check off species even when I know the actual species ID.

Is there away to change mis-ID’s in the Seek app?

Seek is client-side only; no information on there is shared unless you click upload to iNaturalist. Therefore, mis-IDs don’t really matter.

Good to know! Still doesn’t help me with the scavenger hunts or badges, as I am not going to keep ones I know are misidentified

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