Seek not identifying correctly

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS 17.4.1

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Step 1: open Seek app on my iPhone 11

Step 2: go to camera

Step 3: 98% of the time nothing identified past phylum and that’s obviously not even correct (as in my screenshot) so can’t be trusted.

The model is optimized for plants that users upload to iNaturalist. Cause these users do not upload house plants but plants in the wild the Seek model is probably not suitable for the task you use it for.


I was having similar problems with the Seek app on my daughter’s iPad a few days ago. We were outside identifying wild plants, and Seek couldn’t get past phylum on most of the plants - while the iNat app on my android phone had no problem identifying the same plants to “we’re pretty sure it’s X genus” with some species suggestions.

Then I remembered someone saying Seek needs internet to work properly, so I used my phone to make a wifi hotspot and connected the iPad to that. Seek seemed to improve after that - I think we got at least one ID to species level - but we went home soon after that, so I didn’t get to do a proper comparison.

So, if you’re heading outside to find some wild plants to check if optilete’s advice helps, I suggest testing the Seek app in an area where your phone has full signal strength, to eliminate that as a possible confounding factor.

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It wasn’t working anywhere, indoors or out, with data or with wifi, for a couple weeks. But it seems to be working now.

Actually, that plant looks to me like a member of Marantaceae family, though I won’t exclude Araceae family - both families are monocots.