Seek not working correctly

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Step 1: whenever tapping on ‘nearby taxon’ the app always shows 'non nearby, regardless of the taxon.

Step 2: app has been deleted and re installed numerous times.

Step 3:

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Does this happen no matter what type of organism?
Where are you based?
Do you have location on, and have you given Seek permission to access your location?

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This is still happening. It doesn’t matter which taxon is selected I always get the same error message. This is becoming very annoying now.


Maybe you missed these questions?

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This should be fixed in 2.8.2.


Yup, location is on. Full permissions. Happens regardless of observation. I realised there was a problem when seek couldn’t id further than telling me the observation was a butterfly or moth. But clicking on ‘nearby taxon’ came back with ‘no similar taxon’ message. :joy::joy: Yeah ok