Seek said a native species was introduced

While testing out Seek, I observed an oak (it was a Quercus alba, but Seek only IDed it to Quercus sp.) and then clicked on nearby oak species, then white oak (Quercus alba). I was surprised to see that it was marked as Introduced. White oak is native to my region.

I thought maybe this was related to a checklist error I had made at one point, but it appears to be correctly marked as native in my area as far as I can tell. Unfortunately I can’t see the full list of establishment means for Quercus alba on the iNat website to be sure.

Strangely, when I clicked on the map and then went back to the “taxon page” in Seek, it changed from Introduced to Native.

Related request that would help troubleshooting: please list the actual place for the corresponding establishment means status when you tap on “Introduced” or “Native”:

e.g. “This species occurs in [PLACE NAME] because of human activity” or something.

This was on a Pixel 3 / Android 10 using Seek 2.3.8 (73) with permissions: Camera, Location (only while app is in use), and Storage; No permissions denied