Selecting a pinned location from the dropdown zooms the map all the way in to wherever the center currently is, not to the location

I have the University of Waterloo at address:
200 University Ave W, Waterloo ON N2L 3G1, Canada Lat:43.472 Lon: -80.545 Acc (m) 2455
saved as a pinned location. However, selecting it from the dropdown menu brings the map to here

while the location selection is still actually correct in its original location in North America.

It doesn’t do the same thing entering the exact same address in the search box, making a new pinned location of the same location, or making a new pinned location of a different location. It will zoom into a different location if the map is centred there when the pinned location is selected. Sirte Libya is just the centre of the default world view apparently.

Yes, about 3/4 of my pinned locations zoom to the middle of Libya! I find if I select the pinned location again (twice) that the map moves to my pin.

I can replicate, so I’ll file an issue.

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How long has this been happening?

We just released a fix and zooming to pinned locations is working for me now. How about you all?

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Nope, still happening :-(

Can’t remember how long this has been a problem because I didn’t upload for a while, but I’d say about 2-3 weeks?

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I have cleared cache and the map is now working!

Thanks, Tony :-)

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