Selecting observations with no date

It is possible to query observations by a specific date or with a date range, either open-ended or close-ended. But how can we select observations with no observation date? I have some observations like that, so entered because they were from scans of slides, some of which were taken when I was something like 5 years old. So in those case, I could probably guess a date within a couple years, which isn’t helpful in entering dates. But the interface allows dateless entries. So how can we select those?



Thanks. That mostly worked. However, it somehow also selected this one.

Yeah, it won’t work for Homo sapiens observations, sound observations, and observations with down votes in the DQA.

OK. Better than nothing, though. Thanks for the kludge idea. What is DQA?

The data quality assessment – it’s a section at the bottom of the website page for the observation.

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