Set Default Zoom More Zoomed in When Editing Observations on Web

On every observation I make, I edit the location, and I do so on the web, with links like this:

it always defaults to being totally zoomed out, like at the farthest level possible, where you see all the world’s continents. It is very time-consuming to zoom in the whole way. The only two ways I know how to do this are by the mouse scroll-wheel, or clicking the “+” on the map.

This is among the most time-consuming things in the entire process of uploading and editing my observations, and it’s wasted time.

Can we just make the thing default to a more zoomed in level? Or can we make the system save whatever zoom level you used for the last edit, and then set this? Or better yet, make the system pick an appropriate zoom level based on the stored level of accuracy in the observation? The observation page itself already does this, so it seems like this change would be super easy to implement!

There’s an existing feature request that I think fits what you’re requesting.