Set location accuracy for all observations together when uploading

Is it possible to add the location accuracy of several observations independently from their latitude and longitude values?

If I am uploading all the observations from a day, taken at different locations but with the same cellphone/camera, I would expect the same accuracy. However, if I select all the pictures and edit collectively the accuracy field, I would be overwriting the original location of each individual observation. Maybe accuracy can be an extra field instead of being attached to lat/long?

Just an idea, I think it can improve a lot the quality of the data and make it more fit for use. I saw this good post about Batch updating location accuracy, but this is after uploading them and it seems like a bit complicated to do periodically.


I’ll assume that you’re uploading via the website. Otherwise, feel free to ignore my suggestions. When I upload a batch, I select the entire batch, then click on the location field on the leftmost icon. (That’s the one for doing them as a batch instead of individually, just so that I’m clear.) When that opens up, you can type in an accuracy that will apply to everything, without touching the lat/long fields at all. (Those come up with “multiple values” or something similar.) You can also edit the Location Description field and apply it to everything, again without touching the lat/long.


Thanks @psweet ! This is just what I was needing to include accuracy in my observations.

I was afraid this was not the case

The first time I attempted to change accuracy uploading a batch it messed the original lat/long. I might have done something wrong ! I tested your suggestion and seems to work perfect.

Many thanks !


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