Shouldn't robins be 'Native' to the UK?

I noticed that very few birds have the green ‘Native’ mark in the UK. An example is:
the Common Cuckoo is Native
the Eurasian Magpie is not Native

I can see on the taxon page that the cuckoo has an entry under ‘Establishment means’ for the UK but the magpie doesn’t., so I guess that’s what causes it.

Why is this, and would it be helpful for me to tag some of the really obvious ones, or would I be messing things up?

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I think it just mean nobody added “native” tag for them in setting for country place (if there’s nothing more linked to iNatUK settings), it doesn’t really matter much, as long as it doesn’t say it’s introduced it’s supposed that it is native, but you always can add such tags if you want to!

If you want to add such data, it’s not crystal clear where to do it. You do it via going to the place page for the geography in question.

In this case

Use the view checklist link at lower left getting you to

Use the search in the right panel to find the species or group (for example its faster to enter birds and then work with the results than search for one bird at a time).

Click edit under the species thumbnail, and choose to edit the Establishment Means, highlighted in yellow below although it doesnt show well on the dark theme, in English it says Establishment Means, then just save.


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