Show matched string in taxon search results on mobile

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): IOS
iPhone model A1779
App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About):
3.2.5 VESION 658 iOS 15.4.1 - SDI image Cache 1,009,201 for 90 files - un uploades photos 578,057,0…

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Description of problem : When mass uploading from my phone (with over 10 observations) I prefer uploading only observations with no names, to posteriorsly add the names using the website version, which is more friendly, fast, and reasonable, this, because there is a issue which is not helpful. When I’m looking for a name, usually the name appears in the very last part of the list, and is not possible to selecct. For example, I tried to add the name “loco” for a chilean mollusc (Loco in spanish), Concholepas concholepas, but others names appeared, and it was odd, I selected by error other name, have to delete the name and added the scientific name. Esta no es la primera vez, sucedió con otros taxones, por ejemplo, con columba livia, Columba livia domestica aparece en la última parte. This is not the first time, it happened with other taxa, for example, with columba livia, Columba livia domestica appears in the very last part

this may be a unmotivated factor for new users

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


screenshot, showing other names with not the word loco within.

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Just give it higher taxa names such as “Mollusks”, “plants”, “mammals”, “insect”. Which is what new users should try to do rather than pick a suggestion from the list.


I think it’s working as designed (unfortunately), in that the app search results don’t tell you which string it’s actually matching based on your search term, but just displaying the default name based on your account settings/preferences.

On the website, however, it does show you where it found “loco” for the suggested taxa:

e.g. for Ctenopharyngodon idella , it matched the name “caballo loco”.

So maybe we could swap this over to be a feature request?


You don’t have a space at the end of what you’ve been typing, so it’s searching for everything that has ‘loco’ in it as part of a larger word. If you add the space it should display only what has ‘loco’ as an independent term.

Also, at the very bottom of the screenshot, above the keyboard, you can see that your desired species is actually being displayed in the suggestions.


i think the keyboard blocking issue has been previously documented in there was an issue logged over at the iOS app GitHub repo, too, but i’m not sure if it’ll ever get worked until the iOS app codebase is merged with the Android app.


Yes, and it happend before my report. Now, today, i do not have the problem anymore.
Yes it works on my iphone SE2020 Inat. Today i am able to scroll the list further down.

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