Show my past observation pins when marking new observations on map

Just as the title indicates.

If you’re making an observation after coming out of the field and don’t have GPS info embedded in the exif data you need to manually place the observation. This is fine, but this can often be months to years after the fact and not all photos taken get edited and posted at the same time.

It would be extremely helpful to have your past observations shown when you’re placing new observations (maybe only after you’ve zoomed in to smaller than a 100km radius?).

At present I use a work-around by having two windows open, one for uploads and the second to see my observations in the relevant area, but that’s clunky.

I agree that would be amazing, especially for us who don’t have gps enabled camera equipment.


I would find this useful and also I’d love it if there were something like this on the apps - including (especially) things that aren’t uploaded yet. But I think I have another post about that somewhere so will leave it at that.

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This functionality exists to a degree in the web uploader. If you upload multiple observations at a time, all locations are displayed as you continue to add them. Of course it still may be helpful to show your previously existing locations so you have less work locating the first one of the current batch.


I also think this would be super useful. Something which may need to be testet are scenarios where already many of the users observations are on the map, so that they would hide too much of the map. Maybe an option “Show my observations on the map” that can be checked and unchecked would be good then.


That only works when uploading many observations at once.

This is more for when you’re uploading observations solitary or of you’re working on a batch long after the actual observation time and trying to accurately place them in an area where you have other observations made in the past.

I occasionally have an observation or two that don’t get GPS exif put by my device. Usually because I have turned on the camera and taken the photo before it can lock a position. On such occasions it is a blessing to have “nearby observations” that I can zoom into in order to place them, but that is currently only the case for the current batch of observations being uploaded, not in referring back to previous batches such as you suggest here. On that basis, and especially given the extra work it must entail for anyone who doesn’t have a GPS capable device, I strongly support this!

personally, i’m against this. i think it could be confusing to have a lot of pins of past observations on the map, even if they can be toggled on and off. i think it could also lead to feature creep (ex. can i filter for past observations of just birds?).

i thought the ability to pin locations was the existing way to reference locations that you want to remember? why is this not sufficient?