Showing spots of observation twice on the map

Don’t know if it can be considered a bug, but it’s quite uncomfortable to use.
That’s a map for Sturnus vulgaris ssp. tauricus.

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i think this is just the way most online maps work so that you can pan either east or west infinitely. i suppose if the map automatically centered the map on the midpoint of the observations, then you wouldn’t see the observations twice in this case. is it not automatically centering for you?

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I wonder if it’s related to this?

@melodi_96 do you have a “default place” assigned in your account settings or at the top right of the taxon page?

With no default place set, this is what I view on the taxon page:


I have removed the default place from my settings.

Instead of a whole world map centred on an uninhabited Pacific island, I get an informative useful map.

Ah, yes, that was it! Weird thing.

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