Single 'place' with multiple polygons?

Is there a way to create a single ‘place’ that includes multiple, distinct polygons? If possible, I would like to create a single place of “City of Fort Worth Parks, Texas” that includes around 200 separate parks… Unless it is too computationally intensive on the servers, of course… I’ve been sent a KMZ file (although, I suppose I could ask for a KML file instead, if there is one).

I think on the creating places tab, it just allows for a single polygon:

Here’s the justification for wanting this: we’re trying to work on the management of ‘no mow’ zones in these public parks, but don’t want to include all of the ‘backyards’ that the single place of the entire municipality would include…

Again, no worries if this isn’t possible or if it’s too intensive or too complex of a function. The other way that I could go around this is just create multiple places (each park being a place) and just filter by multiple places. Some of these parks are already ‘places’ on iNat – I’d just need to include other newly created places.




Multiple polygons should work as long as they are a single feature. The terminology is a little confusing, but if you open something with multiple polygons in QGIS or similar, you should be able to get a feature count that will tell you if each polygon is a separate feature or not. If they’re separate, it’s possible to merge them. I can take a look at your file if you want to send it.


Thanks Jane! I’ll send you a message with the KMZ file.

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Many, many thanks!!!


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