Some letters appearing blank on sightings

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

I’ve gotten a bit of a strange bug a few times this past week. It’s completely inconsequential but I thought I’d bring it up here just to see if anyone knew the reasoning. Sometimes when I open up a sighting, some of the letters in words just do not show up, usually the letter ‘s’:


The letters are still there, and they show up when highlighted, but they simply refuse to display on the sighting. If the sighting is reloaded, they appear as normal, and I cannot work out what causes them to load incorrectly in the first place. It has occurred for me 3-4 times now in the past week, and only on iNaturalist. Usually it is just a few letters but one of the times an entire sentence was missing.

Anyway, inconsequential but very weird. Anyone else seen this happen?

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That’s really weird, can you link that observation? I’ve never seen that happen, have you tried using a different browser for a while?

when i’ve seen this kind of thing in the past, it’s usually related to the setup / capabilities of your machine. can you replicate the problem on a second machine?

This happened to me because I have an old computer. But it didn’t just happen on iNat, it happened on all other websites I opened. So if that’s the case the iNat admins can’t do anything to fix this issue.

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i have only seen this glitch once. idk what causes it, its harmless for the most part.

Thanks all for the replies. This was the sighting in question this time, but I am unable to replicate it. It happens so infrequently that I don’t think opening things in a different browser will show me much unfortunately. I don’t think it’s my computer though, it’s pretty new (it’s about a year old) and this has so far only happened on iNat. It’s harmless and inconsequential so it doesn’t really matter too much, but yeah I just thought it was weird!

FWIW I don’t believe I’ve seen this issue or heard any other reports of it.

I’m going to close. If anyone sees this consisently happening, please let us know.