Something going on with the website?

The bottom fields of the observation pages don’t seem to be appearing, where you note if something is “wide” or not, etc. I’ve tried it on a couple of different browsers. Is anyone else having this trouble?

Can you add a screenshot please?

Parts of the observation detail page were intentionally set to “lazy load” - not load until you scroll down:

Is that what you’re referring to?

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Welp, it just reappeared. It was the Data Quality Assessment section (could picture it but couldn’t think of the name of it). All appears to be good now.

@bouteloua, no, that Data Quality Assessment section was actually not just lazy, it was downright obstinate. I tried refreshing the page and tried on two different browsers, Safari and Firefox, relaunching them and checking again. As soon as I posted, it returned (I secretly knew that if I created a post, it would fix it).


Hmm, shoot. I’ve encountered it being slower than I’d like it to load, but haven’t yet run into it not loading at all. If you can get steps that reproduce the error, please do submit a report at #bug-reports. Taking a screenshot of what’s in your browser console might also be helpful.


@bouteloua, will do. It was the first time I’ve had it happen, so maybe it was just a server hiccup.

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Can we rule out the “show/hide” toggle? The down or right pointing carat symbol…


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@kiwifergus, yes, even the Data Quality Assessment heading was not showing up.

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This sometimes happens to me, what I’ve learned to do is just scroll down to the far bottom and then scroll back up slowly and the Data Quality will show back up.

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@zdanko, yeah, I’ve had that happen before. But in this case, I scrolled up, scrolled down, closed the observation and reopened it, closed the browser and reopened it, opened another browser and tried it there, all to know avail. I wouldn’t have bothered to post if I hadn’t thought it was something more system-wide.

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If anyone is consistently not seeing this bottom section load , please open up the browser console (instructions here) and post a screenshot here or send it to help@inaturalist.

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@tiwane, thanks for the link.

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