Some odd things: dashboard oesn't show followers on "Following" & different number of IDs listed

Morning all,

I noticed a few odd things and wondered if there was something wrong with the site. I am new so its probably me :)

My son is very keen on birds and I managed to get him to register and upload some of his observations. I found his profile and clicked the follow button. When I go to dashboard --> home --> following I dont see anything. But if I go to dashboard --> home --> profile I can see a section “following” which he appears in.

Also if I go to dashboard --> home --> profile it shows a number by identifications of 2. When I click it, it actually shows 3 ids made.


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Following shows notifications about new activity – has he made any new observations since you followed him?

And IDs are counted differently in different places, so it may be that one of your IDs was for your own observation (which is some contexts does not “count”-- though I do encourage you to try to ID each of your observations, even if the best you can do is “plants” :)


ok thanks, no I probably followed him after he uploaded and he wouldnt have any new observations.

All 3 id’s are for other peoples plants and it does say

3 IDs made for others

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