Some pictures not showing in the app

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Platform (Android):

App version number, 1.23.18 (507)

Screenshots of what you are seeing :

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1: Open app

Step 2: Select Activity

Step 3: Some observations don’t show the picture(s) otherwise seen by others

If you try yo duplicate it warns an error and creates a null observation

if you want someone to troubleshoot this, you should send log files to iNat staff. they’re the only ones who will have any real chance of seeing what is wrong here. to send log files, go to the About page in the app, and tap 3 times in the Version section. that will give you a Debug Settings screen where one of the options is to Send Debug Logs.

just for reference, the observation that is missing photos in your screenshot is:, and the empty observation you tried to duplicate is you probably will want to include a reference to this forum bug report and these observations when you send your debug logs to iNaturalist staff.

that said, usually whenever i encounter a problem in the app, i usually just log out and then log back in, and whatever problem i had will be gone. (but, again, if you want someone to troubleshoot this, then you should send the log files.)


Probably it happens when the cache is deleted and the pictures will reappear when you have an internet connection.

I have been experiencing this issue for a couple months now as well. Just updated the iNaturalist app, but still no luck. I also tried clearing the cache without effect. My internet connection is quite solid, so I do not think this is a possibility.

All photos are displayed normally when viewed in a browser. In the app, either/both of the thumbnail (in “My Observations” list) & images themselves (when viewing the observation) are affected. It seems that older photos are preferentially affected, but it is not so simple as “all photos before a certain date”.

I am on Samsung Galaxy A20 with Android 10.