What exactly does the "Popular" filter search for?

I’m not quite sure what the Popular filter on the Explore page actually searches for.

I thought it might be the number of views, but that’s not displayed on the page…

It’s observations with at least one fave.


So after finding those, are they sorted in any way? or just by the Sort By filter

Just the sort-by filter (Default is date added, descending). But you can also sort by faves.

I use the popular checkbox sometimes to search for any conversations within an observation, especially those regarding how to differentiate certain species from each other because those will often get faved. And then I favorite that observation so I can have something to look back to when I’m trying to remember how to distinguish some two species (like this observation).


It shows all of the observations that have been faved by other people.

It doesn’t matter who faved the observation - it’s just all observations that have at least one fave, even if the account faving the observation also posted the observation.


It filters observations with faves.

Every observation with at least one fave will appear there.

Just by the Sort By filter. If you want to sort the obs. most faved first and least faved last, just click the filter box and click on ‘‘Sort by’’ and click ‘‘faves’’.

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