Sorting unobserved species more specifically

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: my unobserved species, as an example

Description of need:
The “Unobserved Species” section of the site offers a place for users to view what species they haven’t yet documented and inspire them to keep looking. Right now, this feature is not very detailed and you can’t interact with it much. Altering it to be more customizable would enhance the overall user experience and allow iNaturalist to become an even more immersive and helpful tool for naturalists.

Feature request details:
Users should be given the option to sort and select what species they want to see in the “Unobserved Species” section. For example, I live in Pennsylvania, which goes through a great deal of change throughout the year depending on the season. Sometimes it can be very rainy, sometimes very snowy, sometimes very dry. The record high is 111°F and the record low is -42°F, two values which are quite close to other states in the region. To put it simply, weather patterns frequently change and therefore the species seen here do as well. I want to be able to sort my unobserved species by seasonality so I know what to look out for right now. Sorting by sex might be helpful for certain species as well, and sorting by alive/dead couldn’t hurt. Plus, unobserved species are currently automatically sorted by the amount of observations they have, descending from most to least… why shouldn’t we be able to sort from least to most? That would be good for people looking for a challenge. It may also bring up the issue of a lot of different species having only 1 or 2 observations, however, so it could be helpful to add a way to search by specific amount of observations. This could be done by adding two different boxes for values, then users could insert whatever numbers they wanted.

some of the discussion here might be of interest to you:


It would also be nice to view not just unobserved species but unobserved taxa more generally. For example it’d be nice to see the plant families that you have not observed, but have been observed in the county. Right now you can filter the URL to show only family level observations but this does not include observations contained in this family, only those ID’d to family level or higher. It may be that this is already possible and I am unaware of how to go about doing this.


i had worries about this when i posted this topic – inat has some obscure features i’m quite surprised about when i uncover them!

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