Species page on Open Space page doesn't load

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Windows 10 Home; Version 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

opening tab : Species

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Step 1: Navigate to url for Hastings Sand Coulee, SNA, MN US Open Space page - entry/opening tab (by default) is ‘Species’

Step 2: page is perpetually at ‘Loading’. I have let it run up to 20 minutes and reloaded the page but it never loads.

Step 3: navigate to the other three tabs on this page: Observations, People, About …

Step 4: those all load normally after a moment’s hesitation (nothing I would normally notice but I’ll report in the interest of being thorough).

I have accessed quite a few of these Open Space pages over the last year and this is the first time I’ve had this happen.

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That page loads perfectly after a couple seconds hesitation for me today. Are you still having the issue? Might be a temporary server overload issue.

I had this several times yesterday as well.
No issues if one uses the place as a filter instead.

I tried it just this moment and it loaded immediately. For what it’s worth, I tried it last night and it still hung at ‘loading’.

I just thought it was interesting that the other tabs loaded but not that one and, on the off chance it meant something was ‘broken’, I thought I’d report it.

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Yeah, loading fine for me now as well. If people find any more examples, please add them to this report.