Clicking on "Species name" shows "Loading suggestions", and then hangs up

Platform : Website

App version number : Not applicable:

Browser : Chrome

URLs :

Screenshots of what you are seeing : image

Description of problem :

Step 1: Add Observations

Step 2: Click on “Select All”

Step 3: Put in place name where I’ve been observing in Notes (e.g., Berry Springs Park and Preserve)

Step 4: Click on “Species names” for auto-ID suggestions and wait forever, because it gets stuck on “Loading suggestions”. (I’ve had one stuck like that for 20 min while writing this Bug Report. Strangely, it just started happening on certain bug types (e.g., wasps and flies, including feather-legged flies). It doesn’t happen always on the these same bug types. I can add 20 plus Observations simultaneously, work my way through the identifications using the drop-down menu from “Species names” and it will only hang on a few. I’ve tried zooming out on the photo crop or zooming in, and trying auto-ID on another picture in the series, nothing works. I have to enter the “Species name” myself, which would be fine if I knew the species!

whenever you see this problem again, try opening up your browser’s developer tools and look for errors in the console and activity in the network monitor. without that kind of information, and without more information on how to reproduce the problem reliably, i bet it will be hard / inefficient to research the problem you’re noting here. it might be something like, or it could be simply that your internet connection bandwidth is constrained while you’re loading photos, or it could be something entirely different.

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