Split "fave" button into two separate features


Currently the “fave” button or star on each observation is used for multiple purposes by different people: expressing that the observation features good photographs, or an interesting behaviour, or good discussion in the comments, or that the user wants to save the observation in a convenient place for later, etc.
Personally I use it mostly for the latter, but occasionally for the others as well, resulting in a mishmash of different types of observations under my “Favorites” tab. I could use browser bookmarks instead, but I already have tons of iNaturalist bookmarks for saved searches (would love to store those on-site as well) and bookmarks can be lost with a browser reset or computer crash.

I think the button should be separated into two separate buttons:

  • Save: Saves the observation in a tab on the user dashboard, and can be used for whatever the user wants.
  • Either a rating system (e.g. 1-5 like on eBird, or something else) or just a “Like” button. These would contribute to the photo galleries, and may or may not be saved somewhere for the user (I don’t think it would be necessary). I’m guessing that a rating system would make for nice looking photo galleries, but reduce the visibility of observations with interesting behaviours or interactions, while “likes” would produce a less visually appealing photo gallery but with a variety of interesting observations.


Since this substantially similar feature request was raised in February, maybe we should close this one and focus the conversation at the existing one? https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/like-and-bookmark-buttons/418



I thought the rating system was a distinct request and didn’t want to lose the specifics in the other request. It’s too bad there aren’t “sub-requests.” Sorry if this was the wrong choice. I trust your judgment @bouteloua



The rating system would have to apply to individual photos/media, so I think it’s a separate request than splitting the current fave button into bookmark vs. like.

Your choice, @upupa-epops :) edit the first post and topic title to request a rating system for photos/sound, or we can close this and you can continue the conversation at the existing feature request for bookmark vs. like.



Oh yeah that is pretty much identical, and I even voted for it! I completely forgot about that post and couldn’t find it with repeated searches for “fave”, “favorite”, etc. I should have searched “like” and “bookmark”… Sorry!
I think I prefer “liking” over a rating system anyway so I am good with closing this.

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