Separate 'Like' and 'Bookmark' buttons


The “favorite star” feature is very useful. I use it primarily as a way to bookmark observations I want to get back to in the future. Others use it to rank observations in some way (vote for observation of the month, or to sort by most stars).

I would like there to be two buttons:

  1. Like button: A heart of thumbs-up. The same way it works everywhere else, where I can “fire and forget” to show appreciation of content (observation), or to “vote” for it in terms of observation of the month.

  2. Bookmark button: The current favorite star’s functionality can be retained, maybe just change the wording and icon to be more clear.

Old Google Groups Discussions:

I would thumbs-up a flower observation because it is pretty or interesting, but I do not want to bookmark (remember) or follow the observation.

I would bookmark a mammal observation I notice that looks strange due to the range and I want to come back in the future with questions/feedback when I had time to investigate. Maybe ask if it was in a zoo or game park.

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Split "fave" button into two separate features
Add search feature in "Favorites"

I would like to be able to “thumbs up,” “like” comments too, not just observations. That could communicate appreciation in lieu of my typically wordy responses.


" I use it primarily as a way to bookmark observations"
Perhaps I’m alone here, but I feel you shouldn’t be doing this, it isn’t what it is meant for. It’s there so people can use the ‘popular’ filter to see obs that people have liked. I agree it would be useful to have a bookmark functionality which should, like the follow button, be invisible to other users. But until we have such a function, why not bookmark obs in your browser?

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Some reasons that come to mind:

  1. I’m not always on the same computer / browser, or sometimes on the mobile app.

  2. The current star feature functions as a bookmark feature, so I’m using it as such.

  3. The star feature provides a dedicated page to see nice thumbnails of all observations I starred. Browser bookmarks don’t (maybe there is some browser plugin, but not the point).

I like the idea of “invisible” / “private” stars which can then be used as bookmarks, but two stars feel a bit more confusing than a like and a bookmark to me.


I love browsing and helping out on the ID page, but I often come across things I don’t recognise and would like to receive notifications about when someone more knowledgeable comes along and puts a name to it. To that end, I select the “follow this observation” option BUT once I leave that page its lost to the ether until I receive a notification about someone else’s activity on it. I have no recourse to find it again otherwise! If I should happen to come across some information I realise to be relevant to the observation its very difficult to dig it up again.

I would love if there was a “Followed observations” list similar to the favourites list, or as you suggest a bookmark function. FWIW- im not going to bookmark observations in my browser because at this point there would be hundreds. I just want a compact browsable list same as my favourites list. If it could have the additional feature of ‘sort by xyz’ that would be fantastic.

It seems like bit of an oversight that something you have actively chosen to follow isn’t already indexed for ease of reacessability. You WANT to keep tabs on this thing, seems like a no-brainer? I hope the devs can implement something here :)


Having some way to check the list of observations you have ‘followed’ is a great idea, especially with a search function to narrow things down.

Regarding browser bookmarks, I unfortunately discovered a few months ago that it’s easy to lose them if you have computer problems. Several dozen iNat observations I had bookmarked are now gone and I can’t remember what any of them were now.


It might be possible to edit the url and have it filter on “followed”. @tiwane @kueda @bouteloua might know how…


You can find all the stuff you’re following under ‘Subscriptions’ - . For observations you’re following click on ‘Observations’ on the menu on the right. This list doesn’t distinguish between obs that you’re just following (having clicked Follow this observation) and obs you’ve added IDs or comments to which are automatically followed.

One can unsubscribe from any ob in the list so as not to receive any more notifications from it.

But there is no search function to narrow down the list (not one I’ve found anyway).


Very similar to what you wrote, I think it would be good to be able to “star” something but have separate lists, for example “possibly out of range”, “early date”, “show mom”, “whatever…”, kind of like lists are used on Amazon for whatever category of stuff you want.

I have been favoriting things for years for different purposes, mostly as a catch-all for observations I want to return to later when I have more time or resources handy. Being able organize further would be very helpful.


It would also be good to be able to ‘like’ journal posts


Great idea! Could we extend it to IDs? I like to thank people who supply plausible non-obvious IDs for my observations. But getting too many “thanks” comments can make it tough for identifiers to view and track comments that require a response.

During the Challenge period ~2 weeks ago I stopped thanking identifiers because identifiers were probably getting too much feedback.

I hesitate now to go back to expressing my appreciation in comments, except that I WILL thank someone who makes an exceptional effort.