Standardize localized date format in the Android app

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: Android, website

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Description of need:
I am using the Android app to upload observations. The date format is inconsistent during upload, on the observations page, and also in relation to the region. For example:

  • On the app, during upload, the date format is: July 10, 2021
  • On the app, after upload, My Observations page: 7/10/2021
  • For my region (India), the date format set on my phone: 10/7/2021
  • On other other users observation pages: 7/10/2021
  • Other users observations from 2022: Jan 28

Could we have the option to select a consistent region-specific date format that applies to all our observations, pages, views when logged in?



Feature request details:
It would be great to have a feature where I can select the date format suitable for my region, i.e. DD/MM/YYYY, which displays consistently during upload, and later on my observation pages. I would also like to view others

There were similar requests to have an ability to choose region-specific date format and it was answered that it won’t happen. This one, but there were more

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27 days ago a fix was released about ‘‘datetimepicker internationalization’’. Maybe it is possible in specific situations…


Thanks. I hope they release a fix for this soon–it is borderline annoying and leads to errors and waste of time when I am uploading large numbers of images over many days and it is not easy to check which ones are already out there because the dates are confusing.