Use user locale for date/time formatting on upload page

Currently if upload form opened in Russian locale the date and time of the observation is shown as something strange (English format translated to Russian). And this looks very strange and ugly (look to the screenshot):

In Russian language DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm ZZ is more correct.

It will be much better to use proper format taken from user’s locale or allow user to change it.

Currently it is hard-coded in main/app/webpack/observations/uploader/models/util.js

PS: it is really hard to transform from AM/PM format into proper 24h. And if it is translated – it is even harder.

I remember 24 hour format was discussed previously, but really it would be ideal to have it as an option to set, both am/pm and weird thing we have now are not something used here and can only confuse people. About the date, maybe taking data from exif the way it’s stored there could be at least somewhat better if having it in user settings is not possible.
upd. nobody uses morning+day hours here, if you need a sysem like that, then it’s 0-4 - night hours, 4-12 morning hours, 1-6 day hours, 6-12 evening hours.

I am a firm supporter of using the international date standard YYYY/MM/DD.

This avoids all sorts of confusion is quick and unambiguous, and is the only format that automatically self-organizes in the correct chronological order when sorted. I am completely opposed to using any MM/DD or DD/MM based format.

Having to work with large datasets that have been recorded in those latter formats is an enormous hassle.

24 hour time, sure, that’s fine. Doesn’t really make much difference and it’s easy to switch back and forth… add or subtract 12.