State Parks & Nature Preserves in Kentucky, USA as Places

The Kentucky Native Plant Society is organizing a statewide Botany Blitz in early April. We have set up our project page for the week long event. We are also partnering with several state parks and state nature preserves that will be having their own projects that week. Through the state govt, we have access to KML shape files for the parks and preserves. For those sites that want to limit their observations to those made within the park boundaries are there any concerns or issues that we should be aware of when creating a new place? Second question, if a project uses a place defined with a shape file as a project requirement, when folks make and upload observations, will iNat recognize that the location coordinates are contained within one of the park places we created and include that observation in the correct project? TIA

Yes, if you add a place boundary for a state park and set the filter on your bioblitz collector project as one of the filters, they will show up in your project. The exceptions to this are any observation of a rare species whose locations are automatically obscured, an observation that has been manually obscured, or an observation with a large uncertainty distance specified in the location. Obscured locations are shown as a random point with a large rectangle that contains the true location. It helps to deter poaching of rare species by making the information available to public imprecise. If any part of that rectangle falls outside the boundaries of your place, the observation won’t show up in your projects.


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