Sub-order in French

Hello everyone, I wasn’t sure in which subforum I should post this, I hope here is fine.

When filtering observations by taxon rank, I saw that the list of ranks gives twice the name “Sous-ordre” in French, which correspond to “Suborder” and “Infraorder”. “Infra-ordre” is correct in French and should be added instead of the second “Sous-ordre”.

Thank you.

Je crois qu’il s’agit d’un problème de traduction.

I think it is a translation problem, can we do anything about it ?


I found the incorrect translation on iNaturalist Web crowdin projet (it’s OK on iNaturalist Mobile), suggested the correct one and raised an issue linking to this post :-)


I have asked one of my Quebecois colleagues for the name.

J’ai demandé à un de mes collègues québécois le nom.

From my colleague - “On utilise : “sous-ordre” en français. Je n’ai lu infra-ordre.”

“Sous-ordre” is correct for sub-order and “Infra-ordre” is correct for infra-order

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I just saw that it is now correct, thanks :)


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