French translation issue with gender of taxon ranks

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): website

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: (French version)

Description of problem In French, the description of the subspecies reads
“Source: iNaturalist Carlina acanthifolia cynara est un sous-espèces de plantes avec 43 observations”
it should be une sous-espèce (un → une and no “s” at the end of “sous-espèce”). I don’t know how to correct it on crowdin.

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What’s exactly wrong here (I don’t know French). Is it the case, the grammatical number, or something else? It might not be possible to correct it without making the French counterpart for “subspecies” be incorrectly inflected somewhere else on the site.

The strings on Crowdin that should interest you are:

In the sentence, it should be a feminine singular form, here we have the noun in a plural form and the article in a masculine form (“un”).

Conditional formatting seems to be our best bet for both issues, I can take a look and work things out when I have some spare time if nobody more experienced is available.

Edit: To be clearer, the grammatical gender issue arises from not all ranks having the same gender.