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I would like to subscribe to places that are not in my country, but when I try to type the place name in the Choose a Place box I am not given options outside of my country.

Here is an example:
Right now I’m subscribed to the plant taxon Salix glauca, which brings me updates on every new observation globally. I’d like to filter this so I get only new observations from Canada and the United States (or, specific provinces and states of my choosing would also work for me).

However, while the place name Canada can be typed in as a choice, the name of any other country can’t be. I’ve also tried the names of the US states and that doesn’t work either.

What am I doing wrong?
Maybe this is just not an option for subscriptions?

In a similar vein, I am curious why I am limited by my political jurisdiction on iNat? Many plants I’m interested in range outside of the country I live in. Yet, every time I use the Explore option and type in a species name, I also have to click the X for Canada, so I can see The World, and therefore see observations in US states. Is this done to save processing time or whatever it’s called?

Thanks in advance for any help and feedback!


It sounds you’re just using iNat Canada instead of regular iNat, so you automatically have filters on for Canada. Just log in for regular website, and there won’t be any, but you also lose pluses of affiliation.

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try “north america”

No luck there either, thank you.

Thank you Marina, that is helpful and I’ll explore that option.

What is a “plus of affiliation”?

“North America” does work when I log into as Marina suggested, thanks both!

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Check here

Thank you Marina for the link. I’ve got both pages open to my Dashboard, they look extremely similar so it seems worth a try to use the .org site instead if it allows me to fine tune my subscriptions. I had not understood that the login address mattered and that there were different ways to access iNaturalist.
Thanks for your help!


Thanks for raising this issue, @margaret_eaglecap. I could replicate. I’ve noted that we should remove this restriction, but for the meantime, @Marina_Gorbunova is correct that using instead of (or any other network site) is a viable workaround.


Thanks to the help I’ve gotten today, I’ve already made the changes I wanted to make to my subscriptions which will save me a lot of time doing IDs!
I really appreciate the help, the site is complicated and there is a lot I still have to learn about how to make the most of it :-))))

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