Subscribing to places - limit?

I am trying to subscribe to observations from a place I created but does not seem able to. Is there a limit to have many places you can subscribe to or have I not created the place correctly to allow subscriptions?

The place is

I see the option to subscribe on the link you provided on the left hand side all the way at the bottom of the column.

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Yes and I can click it but it doesn’t seem to actually create a subscription. I don’t see it in my list of subscriptions and when I return to the place-page the option to subscribe is still there as if I didn’t already try to subscribe.

i just subscribed to that place, and it seems to work. it’s my 23rd place subscription. how many place subscriptions do you have? can you subscribe to other places?

I already have a handful of other subscriptions. Just tried to subscribe to another place. Also doesn’t work for me. Tried using a different browser. Same. Very strange.

probably what i would do first is open your browser’s developer tools. when you click “subscribe”, see if any errors pop up in the console pane in the developer tools.

however, if nothing unusual shows up in the console, and you’re seeing the “subscription saved” indicator at the top of your place screen after you’ve clicked “subscribe”, and the subscription still doesn’t actually save, then you might have to reach out to, and they might be able to do deeper troubleshooting.

I am not sure where this is? On the places I have previously subscribed to I see “Your subscriptions to this place:” below the left column but no other indication of my subscription working.
Anyway this is not a major issue, just an annoyance. And if it just me having this problem I am not sure I want to bother the support team with it.

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