Subscribe to a taxon change

Sometimes I like to stay apprised of the discussion in a taxon change’s comments section, without the desire to leave a comment at the time myself. I currently would have to leave a pointless comment like “following” in order to subscribe to it. Or maybe there is some sort of less annoying workaround to get it on my Subscriptions list? Maybe by making a null edit of the taxon change or something?

The request is to add a link to follow aka subscribe to the comments on the taxon change, as you can for other things on iNat:

I guess it could be up at the top instead:

As far as a “notification” of when a taxon change is committed, I’m not actually sure at the moment if having only commented on a taxon change will make it show up on my dashboard when it’s committed. Or, do I need to have some association with the input/output taxa, like having an ID of one of them or the taxon on one of my checklists?

One of many little things that would help improve taxonomic curation on iNat .

OK, this is now reality.