Subscribing to a Taxon


I like the idea of taxon subscriptions, but I don’t use them much because they will never pick up observations that have the taxon but don’t have it correctly labelled immediately. For example, if I subscribe to species A, and someone posts an observation with that species named, it will show up on my dashboard. But as far as I can tell, if it is posted intially with no ID or a different ID, and then anyone adds an ID later of species A, it will never show up on my dashboard. I’m just wondering whether the subscription to taxon feature could be improved, or whether it would be possible to subscribe to identifications of a certain taxon, or whether there might be some other solution short of making a collection project to sweep these observations into.



Ideally maybe an option to include things that Computer Vision says have a high probability of being that taxon too. But I can only imagine the potential resource drain that might entail…