Subscribing to all observations of taxon?

Is there a way to subscribe to every observation of a taxon so that you get notified whenever an ID is made on any of them? There are a lot of observations of Bryophyllum that are research grade at the correct species right now, but sometimes people will later add an incorrect ID to the observation. I haven’t added any ID’s to them since they are already Research Grade, but want to know if an incorrect ID does get added so that I can correct it with a maverick. I know you can subscribe to a taxon so that you can see new observations when they’re posted, but don’t know about a way to get notifications on all observations of a given taxon.

I think the easiest solution would be to add another ID at the observations you haven’t already added one. Most identifiers probably deactivated notifications for agreeing IDs anyway. Then a single subsequent incorrect ID wouldn’t matter if it was already Research Grade and you will get a notification when someone adds an ID different from yours.

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You can definitely subscribe to a taxon (see link on right hand side of dashboard/homepage), but it sounds like what you are asking for is to follow every single observation of a taxon. I don’t think that’s possible “automatically”. I would suggest that, as you are going through and checking these, you’ve already done the hard work of IDing - just add your agreeing id. This “future-proofs” the observation to some extent and also follows it, accomplishing all your stated goals.


i think what the others have suggested is the right approach, but if you wanted to just blindly subscribe to a bunch of observations it’s possible to do this using the API.


I had no idea you can turn those notifications off and I’ve been doing this for months now!

Please, if you know a Research Grade observation is correct, add an agreeing identification! This protects the observation from added identifications that are wrong, as described here. It also protects because if anybody deletes their account, their identifications go with them, so suddenly RG observations can be Needs ID again.


On the “identify” page, you can sort observations by “recently updated”, which should include changes to the community taxon and observations which were previously RG but are now no longer.


That’s a good point about account deletion, hadn’t thought of that!

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Wait, you can turn off agreeing IDs?? How do you create this magic??? (I know, I know, I’ll do my own research and figure it out…)

In Account Settings on the website, under Notifications.


Thank you!