Inconsistent display of "introduced"?

There are some apparently inexplicable differences in the way that “Establishment Means” displays.

Protea neriifolia is introduced on the Cape Peninsula.
If I “Explore” like so:
then there is no indication that these observations are “introduced”;
but on the same filter, if I look at the species summary:
then it is clearly pink icon marked as “introduced”.

Similarly, if I look at the individual observations (say: then it is clearly pink-introduced-icon marked (on the Peninsula).

Given that it is clearly marked as introduced both on the individual observations, and on the species view of the filter used, why are the individual observations not similarly marked with pink-introduced-icons in the observations-view of the filter.

Similarly for the “Place” view:
It shows with a pink-introduced-icon on the species summary
but not on the checklist page
(although here there is the text “Status = introduced” so perhaps the pink-introduced-icon is redundant (even though it is far more easily picked up with the eye).

I just wondered if there was a logical reason for this iniconsistency difference? Would it be a big issue to add the icon to the pages without it?

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