Support heic/heif images

My phone supports saving pictures in the new .heic format, which saves a ton of space. Sadly neither iNart android app nor the iNat web support uploading in this format. I have to resave all the pictures as jpeg. Which is fine for now but it would be nice if iNat supported it.

the iPhone app supports uploading .heic files. I’m not sure if the app converts to jpeg when uploading (since this doesn’t work on desktop if I export the image to my computer). it would make sense to make this feature available for all platforms.


I thought Google Photos stores the .heic format and Apple always converts my SE2020 to jpg
I am really wondering what you are doing as i do not have any problems with any apps wich .Heic format If it does not work ik automatiscally converts it.
.HEIC has license problems, patent problems as far as i know.

support uploading in this format.

Added issues here:

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Hello! Just wanted to add my voice to those who would love to see this support come to the site. My new iPhone has enable me to take MUCH better observations (both photographic and audio) than I was able to take previously, but the file format thing has made it much more difficult for me to get my observations up on the site :( It would be amazing if .heic support came to the site!

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I just discovered this problem myself. I bought a new iPhone yesterday, and now I can’t upload photos using the website any more, but at least I was able to upload a photo by routing it through the iNaturalist app, thanks to @nomolosx’s comment above.

Edit: I found this other topic, in which @earthknight explained how to adjust the settings on the iPhone. I can now upload photos directly onto the website without going through the iNaturalist app again.

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It would be great to either allow HEIC upload via the web or make it possible to upload multiple observations at a time via the app–doing these one at a time is a real pain!


Images I take with the HEIC option on my Samsung phones will always be rotated sideways when uploaded to inat on the Android app. Not a huge issue, but a bit of a pain to have to go through these images and rotate them back to how they were taken.

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I second this, it happens to me too.

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I would suggest making a bug report for this issue (be sure the fill out the template as best as you can!) as this will definitely be the quickest way to get a respond for the issue.

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Made a lil bug report, hopefully your issue gets fixed as well! :heart: