Sync issue on mobile app

Mobile app has problem to sync the observation. It keeps stating “preparing, syncing 1 of 2 observation, deleting”, and it goes in loops, most likely due to autosync. It tries only once when turn auto sync off. I reinstalled app and it went down from “syncing 1 of 4 observation” down to current “1 of 2”, but no further reinstall helped.
Any hint how i could purge this queue?

It also often happens, that after i save observation only dummy record is shown, or only partially synced, like missing name… Not sure if those two issues are related, but i am trying to mitigate one by one.
Any advise is welcome.

Hi @Heftos,

I’ve encountered a similar error a couple of times. The solution for me has been to turn off auto-sync, and then delete the records in the queue one at a time and try to upload after each is deleted. Hopefully you can save the details of each record to add it back in manually after you clear up the issue. As I said, this has worked for me but may not work for you. I think it happens when an upload gets interrupted at just the wrong time due to an internet connection issue. It hasn’t happened to me in over a year.


@heftos, I think Mike is correct in that this has to do with a connection issue. What sort of internet connection do you have when you try to upload?