Syncing iNat account with QG account

Is it still possible to sync my iNaturalist account with my QuestaGame account? I have recently been involved in a local BioBlitz and do not want to double up on my sightings across the two platforms. Thanks for any help!

I don’t think it’s possible with how many problems their accounts caused before and as it wasn’t possible to create one account for each user on QG, so likely this wasn’t developed further.

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Shame that my QG account can’t be linked (I somehow do have some of my early QG sightings on my iNat account). It’s a major issue for users of both platforms so we don’t double-up on the same sighting! You’d think this would be something to follow up on.

I’m not a moderator, so maybe it’s not true, but I guess it is as nobody else answered, sadly it’s the result of the way founders of QG communicated with iNat in the past.

there’s no reason not to post observations in both QuestaGame and iNaturalist, if you like, but it’ll be up to you to load to both systems.


there’s no incentive and no mechanism for iNaturalist to pull QuestaGame observations into iNaturalist. there is a mechanism that allows other systems to interface data into and from iNaturalist, and QuestaGame took advantage of that to push data into iNaturalist back in the day. however, QuestaGame did not abide by iNaturalist’s guidelines when they implemented (part of) their interface, and they ignored iNaturalist’s repeated requests to comply with those guidelines. so eventually iNaturalist suspended the QuestaGame accounts, and that put an end to all the interfacing from QuestaGame. (if you’re interested in more details, you can read through old threads in this forum.)

if you want someone to reestablish the interface, you really need to reach out to QuestaGame, and i suppose QuestaGame would have to come to iNaturalist with something to show that they would actually comply with iNaturalist guidelines in the future if they want iNaturalist to reactivate their account.


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