QuestaGame + Gmail sync error?

Hello iNaturalist community,

In the iOS QuestaGame application I am apparently unable to sync with iNaturalist. I log in to iNat exclusively via my Google account; is it probable that such accounts’ email/password info are not properly “recognized” by the QuestaGame/iNaturalist shared logins database?

Thanks in advance

i am not sure anyone here can help, you’d probably need to contact questagame support for that


Like @charlie said that is probably going to be something you are going to want to take up
With Questa Games support it sound like you are using there Apple App
I’ll see if I can find a link or look in the Apple App Store

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Here is a link
I’m having a lot of internet issues today so I hope this works

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QuestaGame has been successfully notified of issue and will fix in a few days

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