@ tags from descriptions of captive observations cause fail whale

Another iNatter was making some bulk-edits of locations on his observations, and not long after I started getting tag alerts for mentions of me in the descriptions of his observations, but when I check those observations they are a year old, and asking the iNatter if they recently (ie just now) tagged me, they indicated that they hadn’t. So they are old tags that have been “bumped” loose?

Anyway, we decided to test “tags from various places in observations” and discovered that you can’t make an @ tag in a description on an observation that is marked or flagged as captive/cultivated. Every time it results in a fail-whale. When I upload an imageless and therefore casual observation (non-verifiable) an @ tag works fine, but if I set the captive/cultivated flag, it brings up “1 observation failed” dialog box, which I figure is the “Upload” version of fail-whale.

Something is up with @ tags from descriptions on observations that are captive/cultivated. I remember we had a lot of confusion a while back, about some tags working and others not… I was sure that there was a situation that didn’t create an alert… so this thing with the captive/cultivated obs has me thinking that maybe I wasn’t going mad!

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i’m posting a few screenshots just to show what i see when i try to reproduce the problem.

here’s what happens if i try add a captive observation with a mention the upload screen (note the C in the top-left corner of the observation, which indicates it has been marked captive / cultivated):

here i’m trying to add a mention in the description of a captive observation (before and after clicking save):

(if i start with an observation that is not captive/cultivated, adding a mention is no problem, and then marking the observation as not wild after that is not a problem either.)

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Made a github issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2680

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