Taxa info page slow loads very slowly for me, always has. I’m not sure why. There is a bit of dynamic information in there, but is it so much more than on other pages? And TBH I’d be happy if that was a simple static page. I just use it as a search page for entering a taxon name. (If now someone comes along and tells me I’m stupid there has always been a quicker way for that I’ll be happy too!)


Same for me for over a year now.

If you don’t need to search for inactive taxa, you can use the header search instead. :)



Agreed with the speed of that page. I am thinking it might have something to do with the current images/observation it pulls in to load?

The search that @bouteloua suggested is great but sometimes I go down rabbit holes with some of the other info it pulls up - projects, users, places…

I have learned to skip the Taxa info page and just try to get to a taxon, any taxon selected from my explore or identify page, and do my search from there with the species search box that shows up in the upper right. I then adjust up and down the taxonomy tree once I am in the neoghbourhood.

Thanks for telling me I’m stupid. :wink: :joy:

I knew about that search but never saw the ‘about’ links.

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Yep, that’s also what I have been doing. But sometimes I simply have none open, especially when IDing unknowns.


Know the feeling and this is exactly where I had been applying it. Maybe bookmark a Polar Bear Taxon page (or other), keep it in an easy go to spot, Ctrl click for new tab (if windows) and go from there…

I hadn’t heard of that page, it takes awhile to load. I agree it’s faster to just type species names in regular search boxes, which was also the only way I knew. Is there anything unique about the taxa page that would make it worthwhile to still view anyway?

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