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On, it says “Heads up: this taxon concept is inactive. Maxilopoda [372744] was replaced by Maxillopoda [47663]. View Taxon Change” and it is marked as an inactive taxon.

If 372744 was replaced by 47633, then why is 47633 marked as inactive. Unless that was replaced by something else, in which case why doesn’t it say so?

If I understand correctly…

Per WoRMS: “Maxillopoda is no longer recognised as a valid monophyletic taxon. Its component groups are divided between Oligostraca and Multicrustacea.”

The dividing up of Maxillopoda wouldn’t have been a single taxon change like a swap or a split. Its subtaxa would have been regrafted into Multicrustacea and Oligostraca. Once that had all been done, Maxillopoda would have been empty. The last step would then have been to mark it inactive.

But from what I can see/guess, I think you’re right that that particular message should only be showing on 372744, not also on 47663. Both taxa are correctly inactive, but only 372744 is inactive because of the swap the message is referring to.

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Yep, that makes sense. As you say, the message should only be showing on 372744. I see the page makes a request to which returns the taxon swap as follows:


I suppose the response might be correct because the URL doesn’t specify that is querying taxon changes where the given taxon was necessarily the input taxon, but the front end should only present the taxon swap as a reason for the taxon being inactive if the taxon is the input taxa of the taxon swap.

Made a github issue here:


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