Taxon changes happened out of order

Due to some recent taxonomic changes, I had to swap one name for another, and then a third name for the first. However, the second swap appears to have happened before the first (but only in certain cases), so that IDs of the third name ended up with the second name instead of the first name. Not a huge deal because there aren’t many observations to deal with, but it seems very odd:

Maybe this is just a warning to wait more than a few minutes before committing taxon changes that use the same name.


I checked in with our devs about this. When you commit a taxon change it starts a job to update the relevant obsevations but we can’t promise when those jobs will run, or in what order, or which observations they’ll hit first. So it’s best to let one job finish before starting one that is dependent the other.

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I figured this was the case, and it makes sense, but how are we supposed to know when the job is finished? I waited for maybe 10 minutes, and I think I checked to make sure all IDs had been transfered.

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