Taxon fails to link to wiki page

I’m trying to link a genus of beetle to its corresponding wiki page, but when i try it fails to recognise.

Here, genus Amara

The default checkbox to use wiki with name Amara wont work as it goes automatically to one of many other usages of word Amara.

So, i tried instructions there to direct specifically to the beetle genus as
but it did not accept the redirection.

Could another curator take a look and see if can fix it please - i fear its just me doing something wrong, but if not i’ll submit as a bug report.


Done. Auto description needed to be turned on.

Cheers! Glad it was simple. I’d turned off the autodescription as that was the thing that was going wrong - wasn’t obvious to me to keep it on!
(but i see now as it wanting that “on + new-pointer”)

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