Taxon name is null

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Android app

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1.28.10 (563),
1.28.19 (572)

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Step 1:
Open the given observation on the Android app.
Step 2:
The first identification taxon name is displayed as null, while the second is displayed normally. It appears to be null only when there is no common name. It also appears as null elsewhere in the app. It was working normally yesterday but stopped working today. No update was performed in between.


could have been triggered by

Certainly seems to be an API issue. The same thing occurs on the React Native app.

I’ve been having the same issue on the android app today as well, and as you said it seems to show “null” in place of a common name whenever a taxon doesn’t have a common name in the selected language.


+1 Same issue occurs.

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+1 On Android app.
1.28.19 (572)
It does not look like a problem, observations are uploaded as normal. When the common name does not exists it shows null.

How to get the react native app on an Android machine?

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When i originally uploaded the observation I’m 99% sure it didn’t say null - it was when I saw the identifier activity that I first saw it.

It says staff-can-replicate, guess no screenshots are needed.

I’ve reported the issue to our developers

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That’s what I see today. My default language is Polish. Some of the names are shown as null, and maybe it’s connected with the fact that a lot of Polish taxon names haven’t been added to the system. Maybe “null” appears instead of a Latin or English name when the Polish one is missing.

Same issue here. Invariably seems to happen with taxa that lack a common name.

Thanks all, I don’t think we need more examples. We’re taking a look now. Sorry this is affecting you.

A potential fix for this was recently deployed if folks want to try again and see if you’re still experiencing the issue


I think it disappeared, but you’d better wait for a second opinion… Cause I do not have screenshots…

That first fix didn’t work for me, but @pleary released a second one and it’s looking pretty good. on my device using version 1.28.10 (563).

Note that the “null” name may be cached in the app for some taxa, so you might need to clear the cache or log out and log back in to really fix things.

Apologies for the bug.

Issue resolved for Android 1.28.19 (572)

IT happens with a campanula complex

Did you log out of the app and log back in since the bug was fixed?

I never do. My version is 1.28.20 now. And if it happens again I will try to log in again…