Taxon Neorrhina octopunctatum not available on identification page

I created Neorrhina octopunctatum ( a few days ago. It still does not appear in the species name dropdown list on the observation identification page.

I think you want a bug report

screenshot of what Chris is referring to:

nothing happens when trying to add it as an ID, even though it exists in iNat

It seems like the scientific name on the taxonomy tab is listed as just “Octopunctatum” (though the system then helpfully adds a genus in front of that everywhere else). In fact if I search for just “Octopunctatum” the species does appear in search and ID boxes so I think it might just need to be changed so that the scientific name there also includes the genus name.

so originally when the species got added to iNat, the name was added just as Octopunctatum accidentally, but Chris then fixed that soon afterwards. So it’s quite strange that the taxonomy tab didn’t update even though the name of the taxon clearly now includes the genus

so in this case it’s not that the system is adding the genus in front of the species epithet, the name is actually the full thing in the system; the taxonomy tab somehow just hasn’t caught up to the change

the taxon_name has never updated automatically when you change a name manually under the taxon/edit screen, so I manually updated it and it’s working as expected now:



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