Taxon Page Map Overlay Inconsistencies

I’ve started looking at some Atlases more closely and I’m finding they’re weirdly inconsistent with respect to what is actually being displayed on a taxon page. If a country is exploded, sometimes you get the country, sometimes you get the subparts, sometimes you get both, as you zoom in regions will appear and disappear.

For example,

Completely zoomed out, the only overlay you can see is orange for Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Go in about two zoom steps and you get a bunch of regions of India, but Sri Lanka disappears. Zoom in a bit further and all but a single Indian region disappear from the map. Makes no obvious sense that I can determine.

At wide zooms, why doesn’t the containing country display, only shifting to exploded regions (if present) at smaller zooms? Other atlases on the site seem to work this way (e.g.,

Related, some of the overlays seem to disappear if they cannot be shown in their entirety, while others stay displayed regardless. Again, cannot see the reason why this is occurring.

I modified your topic title to refer to the taxon page, since atlases use a different map format as far as what displays at different zoom levels. (Mostly for others reading this) There is a description about some of the differences between taxon page maps and atlases here:

I’m not sure I understand, since that is what I am seeing for your examples, Austruca variegata and Minuca pugnax

Green polygons are regions where there are research grade observations associated with the listed taxon in that place. Orange polygons are where the taxon is on a checklist for that place, but there are no research grade observations for that place.

Coarsest zoom:

Intermediate zoom:

Countries explode into regions; countries with no RG observations disappear

Finest zoom:

Regions explode into districts; regions with no RG observations disappear

Is your preference to always display the orange checklist countries and regions at the finer zooms?

Just saw your response.

Actually, the behavior of the A. variegata map has changed from when I originally posted on July 4 (and when I checked again a few weeks later in mid-July). Not sure why, but now I am seeing what you post above and it all works the way I would hope.

One difference of how it was working is that in your coarsest zoom, you can see Sri Lanka and Banglandesh in Orange and India in green. When I originally posted, India was not marked at all at that zoom, only the other two. But Indian districts would appear when you started to zoom in.

Not sure what changed, but glad it appears to be working.

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