Taxon page photo editor modal "hides" when highlighting text

-Curation>Edit photos
-Select the taxon name in order to remove the text
-If your cursor goes across the boundary, the little pop-up will go away and you lose all your work

It does this in Chrome, but did not in Firefox for me.

This happens a lot when I am selecting specific photos by entering in the observation_id. The same thing happens in the Identify modal, but it’s of course a lot harder to do that accidentally since the comment and ID boxes are all the way on the right side of the page.


Expected behavior: highlighting text does not make the pop-up go away. Only clicking outside of the pop-up should hide it. Or, place the search box such that it’s not so close to the edge.


Happens to me alllll the time! I often save photos after making just one or two changes and re-open to make sure I won’t lose a bunch of photos I painstakingly selected. And yes, also in the Identify modal.


I think I released a fix for this today if you’d like to try again. It should apply to any modals, including the taxon page photo selector and on the identify page


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