Identify panel closes but leaves suggestions popup showing after dragging to select text

Platform: Website

Browser: Safari 17.3.1 on macOS 14.3.1. I also tried with Chrome and Firefox; those two behaved differently from each other but did not show this bug.

Description of problem:

Step 1: Click “Identify” in the top navigation bar to visit the Identify screen.

Step 2: Click on any observation in the grid to bring up the Identify panel for that observation.

Step 3: Click “Suggestions” to bring up the list of suggestions.

Step 4: Click on the taxon name to the right of the word “Taxon:” At this point you get a popup showing the taxonomic hierarchy starting from the observation’s current CID. Here’s an example:

Step 5: Mouse-down to the right of the editable taxon name text and drag to the left to select the entire name. Keep the mouse down at this point. Note that a new popup of suggestions based on the editable text appears just after the mouse goes down. It looks like this now:

Step 6: With the mouse still down, keep dragging to the left until the cursor is to the left of the original pop-up (the one that appeared in step 4). Now release the mouse.

At this point the Identify panel for this observation disappears (weird), and also the pop-up from step 4 disappears (sensible, given that the Identify panel is disappearing). But the popup of suggestions based on the (no longer visible) editable text remains on screen (super weird). The only way I know to make it go away is to reload the page, which can change which observations are displayed (at least if you have the observations in randomized order as I often do). Here’s what it looks like now:

When I tried this in Chrome, the popup of suggestions disappeared too, which is at least consistent, though I don’t know why the Identify panel for this observation should disappear at all. When I tried this in Firefox, none of the popups or the Identify panel disappeared, which is clearly the most sensible and best behavior.

I don’t have a Windows machine to test it on.

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I have had this happen to me in the past with the location filter, as well as with the taxon choice for making identifications. (Chrome)