Taxa view with project ID filter not working

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I am trying to view the taxonomic hierarchy of my project “Lepidoptera Life Cycles (Australia)”.
I found this great suggestion on how to view it posted by @bouteloua in the post Filter or sort by taxonomic hierarchy in Collection Projects?.
The URL provided there was
and seems to work fine.

I tried to sub in my own project ID into the URL using both and the project ID number

I played around with a few additional filters, changing the place ID and so on, but always get the error “This query returns too many taxa to render at one time. Try adding more filters” (unless I add my own user ID, in which case it shows all my observations ranked taxonomically). I think this is because project_id is not working as a URL filter, as also reported here: Project_id does not work on observations/taxa

Apologies if this is a known issue or a feature that is being phased out. Just curious if there is any way around this?

Seems the taxa page does not recognize the project_id parameter but uses a different one - projects which is inconsistent unfortunately. So your query in fact tries to list all observed taxa on iNat which is a heavy load.

The correct and working URL for you would be this:

The other thread is closed so I’ll write it here. @bouteloua 's query is also incorrect and works only because there’s additionally a place_id to restrict the observations and returns the taxa of that place not of the project.


I just read the other report you’ve linked. Your issue is the same as the other one so it can be considered a duplicate report of it (?) :

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Thank you so much @exonie ! That is exactly what I was looking for, and I wasn’t aware of the projects parameter. Thanks also for answering the query I linked.

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