The Daily Slowdown

10AM here now (5PM in California) - looks like the server is overloaded at this time of day as its making ID’ing difficult. I just marked a page as reviewed and it took 90 seconds (+/- 5 seconds, timed it but nearly fell asleep). This now means I could keeo multiple pages open while identifying (or on the other hand I don’t have to ID anything). Augh, growing pains of being successful, but 90 seconds to respond? Agreeing with a single ID took 17 seconds to respond (timed) but at least you can go on to the next one and ignore the feedback wait.


hmm, half an hour later and it reviewed the page in 12 seconds

Just want to say, I have this problem too - if I am identifying for a very long period of time. After I go through 15+ pages, I start to get significant connection lag (perhaps the page is overloading?) and must close my browser, wait a few minutes and try again.


Same here when adding life stages~


Some days everything on iNat is slow for me too. The “Organism is wild” button is especially bad.

No idea if this will solve your issue or not, but this happens for me if I go through several pages. If I refresh the page it gets reset and I can do several more pages at normal speed again.


I haven’t noticed any slowdowns, but I have pretty fast internet and also tend to refresh the page pretty frequently on Identify (after each page completed). That said, pressing the “Mark all as reviewed” button has always taken ~10-20 seconds to complete for me, any time of day.


I’ve had some issues in the last few weeks. When I tried to vote/unvote to force re-indexing on some stalled obs, it was taking like 30 seconds to vote and another 30 to unvote.

hmmm… i wonder if what some of you are describing is related to that problem is related to a probable memory leak or bloat on the Identify screen, which manifests itself after you go through many pages of observations and can be mitigated by refreshing the Identify page occasionally.

to figure out if it’s a memory thing or a network thing, you could do the following:

  • if it’s a network thing, if you open your browser’s developer tools and go over to the network section. once that’s open, take the action that you expect to be slow. if it takes, say, 10 seconds for the page to respond, and you see the last network request took 10 seconds to complete, then it’s possible something is happening between your connection and iNaturalist.
  • on the other hand, if you’re on a Windows machine and open up your task manager, then on the processes tab, make sure you have the more details section option selected, then if you see memory usage get up to and stay near 100% while you’re experiencing problems on the page, then the problem could be a possible memory leak. if you refresh the page, and the memory usage drops significantly, then that’s more evidence of a possible memory leak on that page.

I have the out-of-memory problem all the time and reloading the page helps, but the 30 seconds to vote was on a newly opened page and when I tried again a few days later, it was much quicker.

I’ve been having slowdowns and one day even got kicked out with a message amounting to, the website is overloaded. Now I log out more often and sometimes (horrors) I even get up of my chair and do other things.


California is experiencing some serious power issues at present between extreme heat, wildfires, and issues with their electrical grid. Perhaps a factor. Not to mention the increased burden everywhere on internet systems as more people do their business/schooling on-line.


11:32 pm CDT Website overloaded
Happened yesterday also, but forgot time.

If it happens again I will close and reopen my browser to see if its that. Have lots of rain forecast over the next 2 days so I will likely be online again at the time in question.

I definitely go through periods where I feel like Identify is super slow, it often happens later at night, California time. But I’d be interested to know if other parts of the site run slowly during that time (not just Identify), and let us know if you try out @pisum’s suggestions.

I believe specific issue this is due to some issues we’ve been having with a particular server the past few days.


The 90 second “Mark all as reviewed” delay just happened again for me - and I timed it and it seems to be exactly 90 seconds (which makes it look like a programmed time-out). I’ve only been through about 5 pages and the button was taking its normal 15ish seconds and then the next time it took about 90 seconds. I closed all iNat windows (but have to keep the browser going atm) and the review button took the timed 90 seconds so it doesn’t appear to be browser/client side.

Site is currently running a little slow - agreeing to an ID took 18-20 seconds to respond, but I suspect this is just due to peak daily demand.

Just used another computer and all I did was log-in, go to ID page and mark as reviewed and it took 86 seconds to “respond” (so a little less than 90 seconds).

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I use the site mostly through the app on my Galaxy 7. In the last few months, the app shuts down on me quite frequently. Certain times of day seem worse. I’m usually OK early in the morning when I’m identifying the moths on my light sheet.
Not sure if it’s because my older phone won’t play well, or site traffic or what. I’m not technically savvy enough to figure it out. I just added an SD card, which solves a lot of my old phone issues, but not this one.

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nora_bryan Yor issue might be different as there are known issues with the android app performing poorly if you have a lot of images added using it. Although if you are having a normal experience at other times then it might indeed be related to server load.

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Had the huge delay on the first page I wanted to mark as reviewed this morning (i.e. early evening California time). Definitely related to server load as its the only time the issue occurs. Perhaps this could be moved to Bugs? Being a programmer intermittent bugs like this are hard to resolve.

Do other parts of the site run slowly, or just ? You’re loading a brand new Identify page?